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Children’s Mental Health Week – 5th-11th Feb 2024

Children’s Mental Health Week 2024 is taking place this week and has the theme of ‘My Voice Matters’.
My Voice Matters is about empowering children and young people by providing them with the tools they need to express themselves. During Children’s Mental Health Week we want all children and young people, whoever they are, and wherever they are in the world, to be able to say – and believe – “My Voice Matters”.
Here is a link to resources for families provided by Place2Be



Dress to Express- Friday 9th February

This Friday, 9th February, is ‘Dress to Express Day’ at Bracken Leas. Children can come to school wearing an outfit of their choice, that expresses something about themselves. (Please make sure outfits are appropriate for school). There is no need to donate for this event.

Comfort Cards

Healthy Schools Services for West and North Northamptonshire Councils organised for all children and young people, KS2 and above, to receive a Comfort Card (delivered to over 300 schools!).

These cards were produced with the support of the Talk Out Loud participation group.  The aim of the card is to remind everyone that ‘My Voice Matters’ and there are people and places they can turn to, to get help.

The front of the card has a QR code, which links them to the CAMHS website, where children and young people can find early intervention support through apps, websites, resources and services.  On the back, there are some key helplines, where they can access support if they are feeling like they are struggling to cope.