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Pupils behave well. They earn house points for their team for demonstrating values such as respect. This makes them ‘ABLE’ (achieve, believe, learn and enjoy life together). They receive merits for excellent work.

Three Golden Rules

At Bracken Leas Primary School we believe the positive behaviour we wish to promote can be encapsulated in three simple rules:

  • Be kind
  • Be respectful
  • Be ready to learn

Within each individual class there is a class code of conduct drawn up at the start of each academic year which the children co-write and sign up to. This code of conduct outlines rights and responsibilities, specific rules and routines and encourages children to recognise the importance of co-operation within a shared workspace.

Rewards and Praise

At Bracken Leas Primary School, we aim to recognise reward and praise all children for their efforts and achievements in a variety of ways. Teachers are encouraged to send children who have worked hard to achieve a particular target to Mrs Harwood, Head Teacher and Mr Alder, Deputy Head Teacher for praise and acknowledgement.

Recognition is vital so that positive behaviour and effort is consistently seen to be rewarded.  

Verbal feedback should be delivered frequently, and with enthusiasm for children to recognise that this is the way to gain attention. Where necessary, it should be carefully targeted and irrelevant of any past indiscretions. We accentuate the positives at every turn. 

Daily / Weekly Rewards

Class Dojo Points

The school has designed and adopted a consistent approach for rewarding and encouraging good behaviour, effort and manners based on the collection of class dojo points. Class dojo points may be awarded for any actions, deeds or attitudes which are deemed noteworthy and may include:-

• Particularly good work/effort

• Reward for the learning process eg resilience, perseverance, curiosity

• A great example of the Golden Rules

When awarding the class dojo point the member of staff should reinforce the good behaviour e.g. ‘You can have a dojo for persevering to solve the Maths problem.’

Class dojo points should be awarded singularly and once awarded they can never be deducted.

The class dojo points are linked to a colour badge system:

  • 50 points – colour badge
  • 100 points – bronze
  • 150 points – silver
  • 200 points – gold
  • 300 points – platinum

Children are presented with their badge in class and celebrated in the weekly celebration assembly.

House points

All children are sorted into one of six houses on arrival to the school – Ellesmere, Beaumont, Egerton, Thompson, Bridgewater, and Quincey.

Children are awarded house points for great effort participation and excellent contribution to any teamwork events eg groupwork in class; collaborative learning; team events in PE/ Sports; Sports fixtures; house competitions.

Star of the Day / Week

Children who make a contribution to their class will receive a star of the week certificate in Celebration Assembly.

Merit Awards

Exceptional achievement, progress or individual effort can be recognised by adults nominating a child for a merit award. These are awarded weekly in Celebration Assembly and the teachers will award as many as are deserved on a weekly basis.

Half-termly ABLE Awards

These awards recognise our ethos of Achieve, Believe, Learn, Enjoy. They are special Headteacher Awards which will be given out half-termly to recognise children who have embraced the school ethos in all aspects.