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Uniform - Wear It With Pride

At Bracken Leas we require all pupils to wear school uniform. T King Associates supply our cardigans, jumpers, tartan pinafore dresses, tartan skirts and other optional items. Items from T King can be ordered from their website and delivered either to the school (free of charge) or to your home address (delivery charged).

Second-hand uniform sales are regularly held by FOBL (Friends of Bracken Leas Primary School). Details of these can be found on their Facebook page.

Here is a downloadable copy of our Uniform Guide.

Here is a downloadable copy of our Uniform Size Guide.

Financial support with uniform

As part of Pupil Premium, we offer one full set of school uniform each year to all pupils who are eligible. In addition, FOBL regularly host second-hand uniform sales on site and welcome donations which can be placed in the donations bin in our school playground. Please contact them directly for the next sale dates.

Other uniform/accessories

We would always generally advise against earrings simply because they have to be removed for PE, dance and swimming, which can be problematic. If your child does have earrings, they should be very small hoops or simple studs. If you are considering your child getting their ears pierced, please try to do this at the start of a summer holiday so that they can heal ahead of term starting as they will need to be able to be removed regularly.

  • Pupils are NOT allowed to wear nail varnish for school.
  • Necklaces and bracelets should not be worn.
  • Socks should be plain black/bottle green with skirts.
  • All shorts should be tailored.
  • Boots should not be worn to school.
  • In summer, sandals that support the heel with a strap may also be worn along with ankle length white socks.
  • In summer, optional summer dresses in green and white gingham check may be worn.
  • Hair accessories in school colours are permitted.
  • Please ensure your child's full name is on all items of uniform.