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School Day

Daily Timetable 

  • The school gates are opened for children at 8.30am.
  • All children can go in to class from 8.30.
  • Registration is at 8.45am.
  • Morning break is 10.15am - 10.30am (Reception & KS1) and 10:35am - 10.50am (KS2)
  • The afternoon session is from 1:00pm - 3.15pm (EYFS & KS1) & 1:15 – 3:15 (KS2).
  • The end of the school day is 3.15
  • KS1 have an additional 10-minute afternoon break.
  • All EYFS children are collected directly from the classrooms by parents.
  • EYFS, KS1 and Y3 children are handed over to parents at the classroom/school entrances.
  • The collection point for Y3/4 is the school playground.
  • Y5/6 children are released promptly at 3:15pm to meet with parents at a designated area, or if permitted, walk home directly.

Getting to School

We strongly encourage all of our pupils, where possible, to travel to school on foot. There are a number of safe walking routes that you and your children can take in order to get to school.

Bikes and scooters
We have storage racks for bicycles and scooters. Children travelling to school on a bicycle must wear a helmet. We do not allow bicycles or scooters to be ridden in the school grounds for the safety of everyone.

If you need to come by car please park in the street as the school car park is for staff and visitors only. Please remember to park safely and respectfully away from drives and corners. There is a pathway into school by the side of the car park for the safety of pedestrians. Please use this pathway to access the school office and school entrance.

Please note that dogs, except assistance dogs, are not permitted on site. Thank you for your understanding with this matter.


Arriving late to school
It is important to be on time as the first few minutes of the school day are often used to give out instructions or organise schoolwork for the rest of the day.  If your child misses this short but vital session, their work for the whole day may be affected.  Late arrivals are disruptive to the whole class and often embarrassing for your child. Arrival after the close of registration may be marked as unauthorised absence in line with DfE guidance.


Term Time Leave of Absence
We are always concerned about the amount of school time pupils’ miss as a result of family holidays. There is no entitlement to time off in term time.  Leave of absence will only be granted where the Headteacher considers it due to exceptional circumstances, taking into account the nature of the event for which leave is sought, the frequency of the request, whether the parent gave advance notice, the pupil’s attainment, attendance and ability to catch up on missed schooling.

Parents wishing to apply for a leave of absence need to send a written request for the attention of the Headteacher. They will consider your request and advise you on their decision, (possibly asking to meet with you to discuss). Requests can be handed in to the school office or emailed in using enquiries@blps.thlt.academy.